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Forum Maintenance Complete! by DarkBlaze557 Posted: March 8th, 2014

Well guys, nothing is broken!

As you can see just by looking, quite a few things have changed. Forums have been merged, moved, removed, created, and other features have also been changed. To briefly explain, here is the philosophy behind this change:

Websites need to be clean and efficient in order to foster proper navigation. Forcing users/readers to scroll excessively through a website causes uses/readers to become frustrated and they often will no longer visit the site if they reach this point. As such, we reorganized a lot of areas of the site to try to streamline what we have to offer and make it intuitive to locate. This also makes us much more scalable as we grow, allowing us to make changes and add more forums as our userbase increases over time.

If you'll notice, we cut out a lot of the extra "fluff" of the forum that didn't offer much, such as the Yugioh League, the Entertainment forum, and the MTG subforums.. We...

Reminder: Forum Maintenance by DarkBlaze557 Posted: March 6th, 2014

Just a quick reminder that the forums will be down this Saturday for maintenance. Expect things.

Forum Maintenance by DarkBlaze557 Posted: February 12th, 2014


The forums are going to be down on a Saturday!

I'm going to be doing some maintenance to the forums on Saturday, March 8th, 2014. The forums will be down from whenever I decide to get started until the job is done. No more than 6-8 hours. (I'm super professional about it, I know).

A lot of things are going to be mixed up and the place may not look the same when we come back online. Don't freak out. It's intentional. :)


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