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IRC Chat

IRC Chat

Please read these rules before joining the chat. Most of these apply to #yvd only, but you should also behave yourself on the rest of the chat too.

Click HERE after you have read and agreed to these rules.

1. Show Respect - Harassment and flaming in a derogatory fashion is not tolerated. Among friends is one thing, but blatantly disrespecting a new user, moderator, or other member is not allowed. Do not trick users into performing acts which may violate a rule or cause an undesired effect (such as quit commands, etc.). To put it more plainly: Be nice to each other. You are free to joke around, but if a user is offended or a moderator deems it to be too much, they will take action against you. To further clarify: Trolling (deliberately taking actions to anger other users) falls under this same rule and will be punished.

2. No Flooding - Any form of repeating a message within a short period of time that disturbs the peace in a room is not allowed. This includes keeping duel requests to once every 25 line or every 2 minutes in #yvd.

3. No Spamming - Any form of sending a message which may be constituted as unreadable and/or provides no value to the discussion at hand is not allowed.

4. Negotiate Terms of Duels with Private Messages - You may request users to duel with you (and subsequently find an opponent) in public chat, but to set up the duel, please take it to a private message (PM). To setup a duel with an opponent, PM another user that is requesting a duel and provide your connection details (Server/IP, whether or not you can host, etc.). This helps us to protect you, as you keep your personally identifiable information out of the public eye. For example: In #yvd, to request a duel, you can type: "Looking for a duel, TCG/Advanced/Server Duel." When someone responds to you agreeing to duel with you, in a PM you would tell them your Server Duel username and whether or not you are going to host it.

5. No Advertising - Sending messages requesting users to join websites, IRC servers, channels, or clans is not allowed without moderator or channel operator approval. This includes both public messages and private messages to other users.

NOTE: Linking your friends to websites, videos, images, blogs, etc. is allowed. This is only intended to stop blatant advertising, not to prevent you from enjoying yourself. Inappropriate things such as shock sites and porn are still not allowed, though. Sorry. But anything TCG-related (Yugioh, MTG, etc.) such as Wikia, DuelingNetwork, DevPro, Cockatrice, etc. is allowed, UNDER ONE CONDITION: A user trying to use YVD must be given a minimum of ten (10) minutes of attempting to find a person to play with before being redirected to another program. This is so we can at least have a chance to support our own software. If you fail to follow this timeline, you may be banned from the channel.

6. Scripts and Bots - Avoid using any scripts with automated messages (i.e. slap dodgers, music players, etc.) or from loading bots or clones without the permission from a Super Operator or higher (& or ~ level status).

7. Ban Evasion BNC Use - Ban evasion is against the rules and will often result in a much longer ban or gline. Most bans are temporary and fairly short. BNCs are not permitted to be used by users on our network (except for staff under specific circumstances), as they are often used to evade bans. Staff will take action against members using them.

8. Abuse Reports - Do not make abuse reports in-channel. If you feel you were kicked or banned unjustly, you may appeal to the operator who kicked or banned you in a PM in a calm, polite manner. If you still disagree with the operator, you may appeal to a Super Operator or higher (& or ~ level status) in a PM in a calm, polite manner. That operator's opinion is final and cannot be contested. If you feel you were banned or glined from the server unjustly, contact masterxcirc[at]gmail[dot]com, and Master will address your claim directly. Be sure to include a detailed description of the incident, the Operator involved, and any logs you may have. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please send a PM to DarkBlaze557 on the XeroCreative forums.

Please note that use of the YVD chat is a privilege, not a right. You may be removed from the channel at any time for any reason the Operators deem necessary, whether it is a stated rule or not.

Server rules are also to be followed at all times. Unsure of the server rules? Type /motd for a full review.

Entering an #XCT? Check out the #XCT Tournament Rules!

Feel abused? Contact xerocreative[at]gmail[dot]com with a detailed description of the incident, the OP involved, and any logs you may have. You can use this to chat to others on IRC. Having trouble? This forum would be the place to post if you cannot get on the chats at all, or /join #helpdesk once you're on the chats for other information.


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