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The Future of XC (Part 3 & Final)

Posted by Setever
03-01-2014 10:23PM EST

Been a while, huh?

This post is dedicated to the inheritors of XC - the ones who have stuck with us through the silver, bronze, and iron ages - and the ones who want the best for this home. We continue to work for you guys, not for the naysayers or for egoism.

Nearly a month ago, a nice kick in the arse made me realize the direction I had planned for XC would not help her succeed. We could grow - yes - but not thrive, nor survive into this new generation of the internet. What would have led us to victory a few years ago is laughable now - just like the past months' plans are to the goal of real expansion. The vision I had for XC would work, without a doubt, but we would be limited in the same square holes we've been trying to circle around for years: Yugioh, Fanfictions, TCGs, Forums, Chats --- it's just not cutting it. The internet is "dying," but will be reborn in a new form.

And so will XeroCreative. As much as we can try to liven our spirits and community, we are doomed to a slow death in the future if we don't change things. Appealing to our current community's interest is what this website is about, but that can't be the end of the line. What you guys ask for can't be all you get - you need more, and we need to go above and beyond. The whole concept of this website has to change.

I've seen some very strong opinions on this place over the past month, and it's incredible to still see that passion of interest about a website, and incredibly enough one that is "already dead" according to a lot of people. I have a love for this place, as do (most of) the staff, but seeing the dedication and willingness of the whole community to help her grow shows the true potential of this place.

I started at the very beginning - the basics of what make this place work. I'd come to many ideas and concepts and tried to see how they could flow together: what are the main interests, activities, wants, and needs of the community? How can we make ourselves current and find a niche in the internet? We've failed for so long at reaching an audience, and it's not just because of our poor advertising; we had nothing substantial to offer. Hell, this place has been focused on Yu-Gi-Oh! for ten years but there's not even a topic for duel requests. Nobody is going to our chatroom and waiting to find an opponent; our whole system is outdated. At the very core, the basic focus for XC is wrong.

But we have some incredible members. While as a whole our community is not its closest, the bonds that tie us are stronger than ever. The ones who participate are eager for more activity; the ones who come with only ideas are eager for our success; even the ones who only lurk are eager for some great change. This community boasts a history unlike any website I've been to, and mapping it out and seeing its hold has been like watching a beautiful painting come to life from the first stroke to the final framing. I've been with this website since near its inception, and you guys are all family to me (shoutout to everyone ).


Happy New Years from XC!

Posted by Setever
12-31-2014 11:51PM EST

Happy New Years from XeroCreative! We have already been doing a lot of celebrating this holiday season, but the marking of a time brand new is definitely worth celebrating. I am hoping for us that 2015 will be a wonderful, fantastic, and fun year.

I am releasing a new website version / layout today along with the matching forum skin. They are still a work in progress, but let's get these Christmas things off our forum, right?

We donated a total of $158 to the Animal Welfare Institute this holiday season. That's freaking awesome. We collectively garnered $176, the difference going to help out with some of the future projects here at XeroCreative. Here is a screenshot of the donation screen if you guys would like an ounce of proof - though there is more if somebody is weary or skeptical, though I hope not.

You guys rock. Hope you all are starting the new year off right with some happiness and joy.