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By joining our network, you acknowledge that you have read our chat rules.

If you do not have a registered username on the network, choose any name.

Chat not working? Try our Mibbit widget. You can also use our popup client.

Simple commands:

/ns register password email - Replace password with a password of your choice, and email with a valid email. This will register your nickname.
/ns identify password - This command identifies you to your nickname if you didn't specify a password before you connected.
/me action here - Performs an action in the channel. Example: /me moos
/join #channel - Joins a channel. If a channel is said in a chatroom, double-clicking it will also work.
/nick nickhere - Change your nickname to something else.

XCT Tournaments:

If you want to join a tournament, simply tagging your name with |H| at the beginning (the | is usually shift + \ (backslash) but can vary) after joining the tournament channel (announced when it starts) will enter you. To do so, simply type: /nick |H|Yournick . For example, if my nick was Joe, I would type: /nick |H|Joe.